Yasser's web page

Programmer based in Brazil

Open to contribute, long-term and full-time opportunities included :)

I have profissional experience with TypeScript Full-Stack development, mostly working with Angular, React and Node.js. More details can be found on my CV.

I've quit my job and now I'm taking a sabbatical, on that period I took some weeks to rest my tired mind and then started to refresh my skills, I learned a new programming language: Golang; Dived into Flutter for mobile development; now I use Emacs for writing and as a bonus I maintain a home server running Arch Linux (yes, I know).

While I'm still working on some personal projects and experiments, I'm also totally open for a chat, schedule a meeting; Or simply email me, I truly enjoy both approaches.

Current English level: I know how to write Environment, Thought and Length without googling any, that's dope, right?

Find me also on: